Our Mission: To impart job-oriented practical training to budding accounting professionals: -

Accounting is regarded as one of the renowned professions round the globe. It is undoubtedly the backbone of the financial system. Corporates in the present generation are in die-hard need of educated and practically well-equipped accounting and taxation professionals as they not only play a crucial role in financial planning but also promote overall growth of the business by achieving desired results.

Accounting appears to be a bright career today and its importance is going to accelerate in the years to come. Thereby, to pursue and take-up accounting as a career would be a wise decision as of today. Saraswati Accountants understands the needs of the industry vis-a-vis the career aspirants too and has therefore designed various courses to help budding professionals fetch relevant jobs.

We impart theoretical as well as practical training on numerous subjects like Fundamentals of Accounting, Inventory management, order processing, Taxation fundamentals including Direct taxation and indirect taxation, Banking and reconciliations, Payroll and other statutory compliances.

  • Fundamentals of Accounting, Journalising, and Posting of Transactions, Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Getting started with Tally.ERP 9 and Fundamental Features, Company Creation, Creating Masters (Accounting and Inventory), Voucher Entry and Invoicing, Preparation of Balance-Sheet, P&L A/C, Trial Balance, Accounts Receivables & Payables, Credit Limits, Cost Centers & Cost Category, Banking (Cheque Management, Bank Reconciliation, Payment Advice, Managing Post-dated Cheques,              E-Payments) and MIS Reports.

Advanced Inventory and Technological Capabilities

  • Godown Management, Order processing and Pre-closure of Orders, Re-order Level, Price Levels and Price Lists, additional cost details, item cost details, Batch-wise details, zero-valued entries, different actual and billed quantities, BOM, POS, Company LOGO setup, back-up/restore, export-import,          E-mailing, password policy, and local/ online help.

GST in Tally: 

  • GST Configuration, Creating Masters, Purchase/Sale Transactions, Debit/Credit Notes, Purchase & Sales Returns, Input Credit Mechanism, Advance Receipts & Payments, GST Returns (GSTR 1,2,3B, etc), Computation, Recording Advanced Entries of GST, Migration of Tally data.

TDS in Tally: 

  • Basic Concept of TDS, Enabling TDS in Tally ERP9, Creating Masters of TDS, Recording Transactions, Booking Expenses & Deducting TDS, TDS  Return & Reports.


(In addition to all in Tally Pro it will cover)

Advanced Features of Tally. ERP9 :

Advanced Interest Calculation, Budgets and Scenarios, Multi-Currency Transactions and        Adjusting Forex Gain/Loss, Banking (With Auto-Reconciliation), Integration with DBS Bank, Ageing Analysis, Job Costing, Stock Ageing Analysis, Job Order Processing, Tally vault, Tally Audit, ODBC, Split Company, Data Synchronization, Live Updates, Control Centre and Technical Features of Tally, SMS Query, Web publishing, Group Company.

Advanced features of GST:

Purchase from URD’s, Export & Import, Advance Receipt & Payment, Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST, Reversal of GST on account of cancellation of Advance Receipt, Mixed Supply & Composite Supply, MRP Transaction, Supply of Service, Branch Transfer, Input Tax Credit (ITC), GST tax payment.

Advanced features of TDS:

Introduction, TDS process, TDS in Tally.ERP 9, Recording TDS transaction for the purchase of software, TDS deduction for Interest Payablepayble, TDS on Interest paid towards overdue payment, Payment Challan Reconciliation, Recording TDS transaction on Stock Item & Service both, E-Return Filing.      


Advance feature of TCS:

 Introduction, Basic concepts of TCS, Enabling & Configuring Tally.ERP 9 for TCS, Sales of TCS Goods at lower rate & Nill rate, TCS on Transfer of right to use, Payment of TCS, TCS Reports, Form 27EQ, etc, Return Transaction Book, Recompute overwrite and save correct return.


 Introduction, Feature of Payroll, Complete Payroll Module with Salary Processing, Attendance & Payroll Vouchers, Salary Sheet, Payroll Statutory Deductions & Contributions( PF, ESI, Professional Tax, NPS, Gratuity), Payroll Statutory Reports (E-Forms & E-challan), Income Tax in Tally.


Introduction of GST, GST Registration Process (Theory), GST Registration Online portal and related FAQs with regards to various parties, Discussion about various parties in GST, Difference between Regular Dealer and Composition Dealer and there working mechanism, Linkage with various vouchers, ITC Theoretical sessions and Practical Problems, ITC practical session and linkage with Tally vouchers, Filing GSTR 1 , GSTR 3B, GSTR 9 through online portal & Tally, Coverage of GSTR 2A,4,4A on Tally and online portal, Concept of  Supply, Place of Supply under GST Law, Time of Supply under GST law, Valuation of Supply under GST Law and summarization of Online Portal. Introduction to E-WAY Bill & Concepts, E-WAY Bill through Online Portal and Tally, TDS & TCS concepts under GST Regime, GSTR 9 Theory for various dealers & different type of returns, GST on various industries and their filing mechanism and TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE by ASSESSMENT.

Income Tax

  • Introduction of Income Tax with 5 Heads of Income and their computations relevant with Income Tax Returns.
  • PANRegisteration, Online Registration for e filing and  Utilities for various ITRs used for e-filing (www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in)
  • E filing of ITR 1 to ITR -06 (Practical )
  • Payment of Advance Tax (Challan 280/281) and Refund
  • Interest 234 A/B/C Calculation & Penalty
  • Calculate Return with Bank Statement & 26AS
  • Introduction to Income tax portal and tax credit statements

Tax Deduction At Sources (TDS)

  • Introduction of TDS and TCS with Explanation of Section from 192 to 206 E
  • TAN Registration and ONLINE TRACES WEBSITE Connectivity (www.tdscpc.gov.in)
  • Salary Computation for FORM 16
  • Return with FVU Generation with CSI file
  • Return Form 24Q,26Q, 27Q and 27EQ
  • Download FORM16/16A online from TRACES
  • Form 12BA and Form 16 with Digital Signature
  • Form 15CA/15CB with Online Upload
  • Report generates with FVU file which is required to be upload in TDS Department.
  • Knowledge of Correction Return and Defaults and Interest Calculation of Late payment.
  • TDS on Property i.e Form 26QB exclusively on online mode.

Basic Computers & Windows: 

Basic Applications of Computer; Components, CPU, VDU, Keyboard and Mouse, Other I/O Devices, Computer Memory, Concepts of H/W & S/W, Data Storage, Sharing (online & offline), Printing.  

Word Processing (MS-Word): 

Word Processing Basics, Opening, Closing, Sharing of documents’; Text creation and Manipulation, Formatting of text, Table handling, Spell check, language setting, Picture Formatting, Mail Merge, Printing of word document, Macros.

Spreadsheets (MS-Excel): 

Basics of Spreadsheet; Manipulation of cells, Sort & Filters, Formulas and Functions, Data Analysis Tools, Pivot Tables & Charts, Editing of SpreadSheet, printing & formatting of SpreadSheet, Macros.

Presentation (MS PowerPoint):

 Basics of presentation Application software,; Creating Presentation; Preparation and Presentation of Slides, Themes, Formatting Tools, SlideShow; Animation & Transitions, Taking printouts of presentation/handouts.

Desktop Email Client (Outlook): 

Setting Email Account, proxy server, Folder Sync from online, Composition of Mail, Attachments, Reminders, Appointments, Setting Skype & Concept of Video Conferencing.

Google Suite: 

Introduction of powerful online office suite by Google, Setting up G-suite Apps, Creation & Working with Gmail (online), Understanding Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drive, Importing & Exporting Docs for Offline working, Learning Smart & Quick Tricks for handling office documents, Sharing, Giving permissions, Live chat while working, Understanding Mobile G-Suite Apps, Docs on the go. Creating forms, Concept of Cloud Computing, Creating presentations.

Advanced Excel: 

Introduction of Spreadsheets, Templates, Security & Formatting Tools, Printing & Page Setup Tools, Data Validation, Builtin Functions & Formulas, Function types (Maths, Financial, Searching, Text, Date, Lookups, etc), Pivot Table (Single & Multiple Data Sheets), Data Summarizing, Dynamic Charts, Name Ranges & their Usage, Data ANALYSIS Tools, Forecasting Data Tools, Sensitivity Analysis (What- IF Analysis), Data Import & Export with other Microsoft Apps. 

Google Sheet: 

Understanding Google Sheets, Importing & Exporting SpreadSheets, Form Connecting, Text Tools, Data Gathering, Sharing & Publishing, Email & Communication, Function List, Formatting, Number Crunching, Add-ons Information, Creating Connections, Pivot Tables, Charts, Sort & Filter, Storing at Google Drive.

Impart life-skills for personal and professional success.

Introduction, grooming and hygiene, etiquette, self-confidence, values and attitude, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, listening skills, presentation and group discussion skills, interview skills, planning and strategizing your goals, and cross-cultural communication.

Develop skills necessary for taking on higher responsibilities at the workplace. Interpersonal skills, problem solving & decision making, group dynamics, conflict management, leadership, time management, emotional intelligence, and stress management.

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