Provide working knowledge of computers in order to enable students to adapt to a computerised work environment. Fundamentals of computers, introduction to Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, internet concepts, web browsers, and introduction to HTML. 

  • Impart working and technical knowledge of computers. 
  • Introduction, operating system, advanced Excel, computer networks, networking devices, remote desktop access, Windows security, and Adobe PageMaker 

Basic Computers & Windows

Basic Applications of Computer; Components, CPU, VDU, Keyboard and Mouse, Other I/O Devices, Computer Memory, Concepts of H/W & S/W, Data Storage, Sharing (online & offline), Printing.  

Word Processing (MS-Word)

Word Processing Basics,; Opening, Closing, Sharing of documents’; Text creation and Manipulation,; Formatting of text,; Table handling,; Spell check, language setting, Picture Formatting, Mail Merge, Printing of word document, Macros.

Spreadsheets (MS-Excel):

Basics of Spreadsheet; Manipulation of cells,; Sort & Filters, Formulas and Functions,; Data Analysis Tools, Pivot Tables & Charts, Editing of SpreadSheet, printing & formatting of SpreadSheet, Macros.

Presentation (MS PowerPoint):

Basics of presentation Application software,; Creating Presentation; Preparation and Presentation of Slides, Themes, Formating Tools, SlideShow; Animation & Transitions, Taking printouts of presentation/handouts.

Desktop Email Client (OutLook): 

Setting Email Account, proxy server, Folder Sync from online, Composition of Mail, Attachments, Reminders, Appointments, Setting Skype & Concept of Video Conferencing.

Google Suite: 

Introduction of powerful online office suite by Google, Setting up G-suite Apps, Creation & Working with Gmail (online), Understanding Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drive, Importing & Exporting Docs for Offline working, Learning Smart & Quick Tricks for handling office documents, Sharing, Giving permissions, Live chat while working, Understanding Mobile G-Suite Apps, Docs on the go. Creating forms, Concept of Cloud Computing, Creating presentations. 

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